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September 16, 2009

Masher Media, High Quality Entertainment Provider with an Emmy Award Winner as its Founder

Filed under: Start-up Companies Reviews — admin @ 5:38 am

In the past few years, the internet seems to be replacing all the conventional media of entertainment, such as TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers. More people are turning to the internet for their news, entertainment, shopping, and communication. In this revolution and the constant evolving entertainment industry in the 21st Century, the newest entertainment website has emerged, Masher Media. Masher Media is brand new, being founded only this year.

When you first get onto the Masher Media site, you will see that it begins like a Looney Tunes Cartoon with all the same sound effects. Then you will notice two cartoon girls appear on either side of the top of the browser’s viewing area. Furthermore, with a delayed loading on the middle toward the bottom of the browser’s viewing window you will see a cartoon-style town with different cartoon characters going back and forth.

The one question is, how does this interface work? There are no instructions on how to use Masher Media. This could be because it is a new website and might not be completely finished. When you click on any of the moving characters on the homepage, nothing happens and instructions are not to be found anywhere. If you look at the company profile, however, you can read what exactly Masher Media is really up to. According to the company profile, Masher Media is dedicated to build a highly creative and high quality media platform for entertainment.

The company’s founder has quite a unique history herself. Masher Media was founded by Sherry Gunther, who is an Emmy Award winning producer and entertainment executive. Ms. Gunther produced some of the most watched cartoons in the United States and the world, which include the Simpsons, the Family Guy, Edith Ann, Dexter’s Laboratory, and other well known cartoons. Masher Media is not the first endeavor that Ms. Gunther has delved into with the new internet media. Before founding Masher Media, Ms. Gunther was a cofounder of, which is an online entertainment site for children from ages six to twelve. received rave reviews since it was launched and was named as the Best Kid’s Destination on the Web, which was put out by the Real Simple Family Magazine in 2008.

Masher Media will also come out with an entertainment interface for children from ages six to 13 in a safe internet environment. This prototype interface, which will be coming out soon, is known as the This interface will include the ability to make movies, have mini locations, parent control, and My mini page. This interface will allow children to be able to have their website, make their own cartoons, have their own virtual world, and more.

Masher Media’s sole investor is Tech Coast Angels, who invested $300,000 in seed funding in August of 2009.

Tech Coast Angels is a group of angel investors who solely invest in the geographical location of southern California. Tech Coast Angels has some criteria for investing into a company. The primary criteria include having a market opportunity large enough to generate at least $50 to $100 million in annual revenue, a strong and compelling strategy, proprietary technology, strong management, and an exit strategy for the investors. Some other companies in Tech Coast Angels’ portfolio include Inlustra, Eefuf, Soda Head, Nine Head, EZ-Apps, Transcepta, and others.

Masher Media is a new company and does have some small competitors, but none of its competitors are noteworthy enough to pose a threat to the company. Furthermore, Masher Media’s founder’s credentials show great promise for the company’s future.

For more information about Masher Media, click here.


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