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September 14, 2009

Dogster Is a New Site for Dog Lovers

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In the United States and other parts of the world, the love of animals is abundant. What is especially abundant is the love of dogs and cats and, especially in the United States, people will practically do anything for their dogs. Now what happens when you mix this immense love for man’s best friend with the internet? Well, you get Dogster. Dogster advertises itself as a website for dog lovers and for “dogsters.” Furthermore, when you read the About Dogster page of the website, you will discover that the creators of Dogster are both dog lovers and computer geeks. That is quite a combination, but what does Dogster do and how does it benefit animal lovers? Dogster provides a service that any animal lover can sign onto and find out anything or even everything about dogs, from how to care for them, tips from veterinarians, and even buy dog toys or other dog supplies.

You can become a member of Dogster and it is free. What you need to do to register with Dogster is simply go into the My Account tab and you will see an option to create an account with Dogster. Once you click on that link, you will be prompted to type in your email address, your name and last name, a password and to retype your password. Once you have done that, you have the option to invite some or all of your friends to join Dogster. Dogster will discover all the friends on your email’s address book. You can also uncheck all the checked boxes by clicking on uncheck all link. Once you have done all that, you need to check your email and find the email from Dogster, which will provide you with a link to confirm your account. Once you have clicked on that URL, you have completed your registration process.

Once you have registered yourself into Dogster, you have several options. Assuming that you registered into Dogster because you are a dog owner, you can create your own doggie page. In order to do this, you need to first type in your dog’s name. After you have written your dog’s breed, you will need to select your dog’s breed and you can also select a secondary breed. You can also say that your dog is a mixed breed. You can also write a story about your dog. To do this you need to click on the story link and you will see several fields open up, where you can write a story about your dog. You can also click on a check box that states that your dog is no longer with you if you are writing about a dog that you had and passed away. Furthermore, you can type all kinds of different other things about your dog. You can add some of your dog’s personality traits and other fun things that your dog does. Dogster also lets people know that this is a family oriented site and language needs to be suitable for a child of as young as seven years of age. In order for your doggie page to be published, you will need to upload a photo of your dog. Uploading your dog’s photo can take some time. Once your photo is uploaded, you can go back to your account page.

Once your doggie page is finished, you can see it and how it looks. When you log into your Dogster account, you will see your doggie page link and you can click on the picture of your dog and that will take you right to your doggie page. Once you are in your doggie page, you can see how everything is and Dogster will even give you a number of different stars depending how good your doggie page is.

Another thing that Dogster offers is an adoption service. If you click on the “See the dogs!” link, you can click on adoptions and view all the dogs that are put up for adoption. Your search for dogs on Dogster is not just limited to the United States and Canada. You can choose from practically any country in the world.

Other services that Dogster offers include gifts for dogs and dog lovers, tips about veterinary care and much more. You can buy things from Dogster and also share questions and answers about dogs with other dog owners on Dogster.

Dogster is a privately owned company that was founded in 2004 and is based in San Francisco, California. Dogster has three people on its management team, two people on its board of directors, and two advisors. The three people on Dogster’s management team consists of the three founders of Dogster, who are Ted Rheingold, John Vars, and Steven Reading.

Ted Rheingold is the man behind the idea of Dogster. Mr. Rheingold also founded Catster for cat lovers. The reason for founding Dogster was to unite people who love dogs and cats, and offer a place where people can share tips, ask questions, write biographies and buy things for their pets. Mr. Rheingold also serves as Dogster’s CEO and is also one of the people on Dogster’s board of directors.

Besides being one of Dogster’s cofounders, Mr. Vars is also at the company as the CPO. His major role in the management is to search for new products to sell on the Dogster site. Mr. Vars has a background on software engineering and before taking part in the founding of Dogster, he worked as the product manager for Preview Travel, which is a major global travel site.

Besides being the third cofounder of Dogster, Mr. Reading is also working at Dogster as the company’s chief business officer. Mr. Reading has an extensive background in tax law and was born and raised in London, England. Mr. Reading came to San Francisco in 1994. Mr. Reading graduated from the University of London with a Law degree and then went on to study at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, where he received a degree in Tax Law.

Dogster’s investors include Jeff Clavier, Adam Baguelin, and Michael Arrington, who invested $1 million in series A funding in September of 2006.

Jeff Clavier is the founder and Managing Partner of SoftTec VC and is one of the most active seed stage investors in the Web 2.0 industry. Mr. Clavier has been investing in Web 2.0 for a while and in 2007, he was named in Business Week as one of the 13 Web 2.0 King Makers. Mr. Clavier has also been active in both North American and European markets.

Mr. Arrington is a serial investor who has invested in many entrepreneurs who are in the tech, software, and internet industries. Mr. Arrington is also no stranger to entrepreneurship, founding several different internet startups himself. One of his biggest successes is TechCrunch, which is an information site that gives reviews about new technologies and companies in the tech industry.

Dogster does have a few competitors. Two of the most noteworthy competitors are Leashes and Lovers and United Dogs and Cats.

Leashes and Lovers is an online social network for dog lovers and provides a service that is similar to the service provided by Dogster. Leashes and Lovers is a privately owned LLC that was founded in 2003 and is based in New York City.

Like Dogster and Leashes and Lovers, United Dogs and Cats is also a social network that aims to unite dog and cat lovers all over the world. United Dogs and Cats is a privately owned LLC that is based in Estonia.

For more information about Dogster, click here.


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