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August 27, 2009

Zoodak, the Online Stock Exchange Game

Filed under: Start-up Companies Reviews — admin @ 11:13 am

Zoodak is an interesting company that is still undergoing beta testing. Zoodak educates people about the stock exchange by simulating the stock market and providing players the stock exchange tournament. Zoodak offers two different programs, a free portfolio and a portfolio that costs $20. Signing up for the service that Zoodak provides is also very simple. First, you type in your first and last name, type in a user name and a password. You get into the program right away without having to wait for a confirmation email.

As you look at the Zoodak site, you will find all kinds of different things that form your portfolio as if it is your portfolio in a real stock exchange. As you log into your account, you will see a pie graph and you will be allowed to add in quotes. There are several tabs on the Zoodak website that make the site look like an online trading site. This is a game that is intended to educate its users how to successfully trade on the stock market.

The first tab is the home tab. This tab actually shows your Zoodak account’s home page. The homepage has all kinds of advertisements for stock trading tournaments and prizes. The next tab is the tournament tab. This tab is the playing field. You will see the tournament of the month and you will have an option to do the practice tournament or the payment tournament. You can also view the results of the tournament of the previous month as well as a hyperlink that shows all time performance and instructions on how to play. If you are not familiar about how this website works, this is the tab for you. All you need to do is to click on the “how to play” link at the top of the page. When you click on this link, you can see some clear set of instructions that explain the way the tournament works.

The first paragraph of this page explains about for the cash tournament works. When you pay $20 you will get a portfolio with a balance of $100,000. This tournament allows you to trade for 20 days, and if you win the highest rates, you can win cash prizes. Furthermore, if you enter a positive return, you will win ZooPoints which you can use to buy portfolios for future tournaments. According to these instructions, Zoodak is different from other stock trading contest sites, Zoodak allows you to start trading on their site immediately, whereas many other similar sites make you have to wait for the new month to begin.

On the ZooTrader page, you will see the leader board. This is a table with all the participants of a stock trading contest. On this table you can see all the participants in the contest, their contest portfolios, their reports, their projected cash prizes, and projected ZooPoints earnings. The highest prizes are always at the top of the table of the leadboard.

The third tab on the Zoodak website is the ZooAnalyst tab. This is a tab for you to look up when you need to research certain stocks that you want to enter into the trading contest. In this tab you can look at what other people are saying about certain stocks. As you click on the ZooAnalyst tab, you will see a list of trader names and what they could be saying on particular stocks. You can click on a trader’s name and see their portfolio, including what they are saying about a certain stock. You can look into traders’ profiles and even sign into them and if they are interested in you, the will add you to their friend’s list and you can add them to your friend’s list. This feature allows for people to talk with each other and share different trading tips.

The next tab is the research and ideas tab. This tab is devoted to do market research and see which stocks will do well in the contest. This tab is divided into several different sub-tabs. The first sub-tab is the overview, which is what comes up when you click on the research and ideas tab. The next sub-tab is the sectors and industries sub-tab. In this sub-tab you will see two charts. The first chart is the Top 10 industries, which is a table that has sectors, industries, and day’s change. In the Top 10 table, you will see that all the quotes in the day’s change are positives in green. Below that table is the table containing the Bottom 10 industries table. This table is laid out just like the Top 10 industries. The only difference is that all the numbers in the day’s change are in the red and are all negatives. The sub-tab after the research and ideas sub-tab is the stock quote tab. This tab is the tab that gives you stock market information and allows you to get the different quotes about stocks that you could possibly add to your portfolio. You can also get the latest stock market news. The fourth sub-tab of the research and ideas tab is the news sub-tab that has all the latest stock market news.

The fourth tab on the Zoodak website is the ZooStore tab. This tab has prizes that you can win with a certain number of ZooPoints. The ZooStore offers a limited number of prizes that you can buy with ZooPoints. Some of the lower end prizes are T-shirts and baseball caps with the Zoodak logo and higher end prizes include an iPod Touch and USB flash drives.

The last tab is the promotions tab. This tab offers all kinds of different promotions that allow you to win a certain number of ZooPoints. You can choose from some of these promotions and win points to play more.

Zoodak is a rather new company that is based in San Ramon, California and was founded in 2008. The company currently employs seven people and is a privately owned corporation. Zoodak has three people on its management team and three people on its board of directors.

Zoodak does not disclose its investors to the general public.

Some of Zoodak’s major competitors include Predictify, Xpree, and ExchangeP.

Predictify is a company that posts a website that offers a service similar to Zoodak. The company belief is that larger crowds can more accurately predict information than small groups of people. Predictify allows users to predict everything from politics to business and users can win money. Predictify was founded in 2007 and is a privately owned company based in Menlo Park, California. The company has four people on its management team.

Xpree is a company that also has a service similar to Zoodak. Its function is to train workers to be productive for the enterprise and win a valuable place at work and in the marketplace. Xpree is a privately owned corporation that is based in Redwood, California and has three people on its management team.

The one competitor that is very similar to Zoodak is ExchangeP, which is a limited liability corporation. ExchangeP is a company that allows for people to research the real market value of a company and allow you to make a wise investment.

For more information about Zoodak, click here.


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