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August 12, 2009

Deepmemo Allows You to Save Text and Share in One Click, but Can You Register Your Account?

Filed under: Start-up Companies Reviews — admin @ 5:20 am

Based in San Jose, California, Deepmemo is another invention of Siteheart. Siteheart is an online chat site which attempts to get people to chat online about anything. Siteheart is also based in San Jose, California, and employs over 25 people. Deepmemo, however is not too impressive as a service. The way Deepmemo works is that you can either download the Deepmemo tool bar for FireFox, but the tool bar only works on the Mozilla FireFox browser, it will not work on Safari or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Deepmemo, however, after the FireFox tool bar has been downloaded is not exactly what it is cracked out to be. The first problem is how to login to Deepmemo’s service. The login is not clear. Do you need a Google account to log in or not? That is the main question. Not everyone has an email account with Google’s Gmail. What about those with Yahoo accounts or email accounts from other email providers, are they left out in the cold? Apparently, you can sign in if you have a different email account, by clicking in on a tiny OK button. The fact that the sign in on your Google account is so big that the OK button is hard to notice can confuse many users.

Once you have figured out how to sign in, the signing in process is rather easy. If you are using the FireFox tool bar in FireFox, it appears on the top right hand corner of the browser and just to the right of Google search tool bar. Once you sign into Deepmemo, you will see a page with several different tabs. When clicking on these various tabs, you can write your own blogs, send messages, contact friends, or if you are on Twitter, you can send your memos as tweets through Twitter. To send a message is rather simple. You can also send messages to friends.

The way the Deepmemo tool bar works is that when you click on the Deepmemo logo, your Deepmemo account page will automatically appear on the browser. Here you can edit your profile, send messages; write your blogs, etc. The next icon on the Deepmemo tool bar is an icon of a webpage with a pair of scissors nearby. This icon is used to clip passages of text from a particular website that you can send, that is either news, or other information of interest. The next icon looks like a webpage being clipped with scissors and has a pencil next to it. This is the blog icon. When you click on this icon, you will see a dialogue box come down and you can either write your blog or cut text from a web article and place it into your blog. The third icon is a pencil and paper. If you click on this icon, you will find that a dialogue box will also come down and this is used to post a message on Deepmemo. To use the Deepmemo tool bar on the FireFox browser, you will need to first click on the key icon, which is the very last icon on the Deepmemo toolbar. Before you click on this icon, all the other above mentioned icons will appear shaded in gray and will not be active. When you click on the key icon, you will see a dialogue box come down and it will prompt you to type in your user name and password. You also have the option to have your computer remember your password and keep you signed in every time you click on the any of the icons of the Deepmemo tool bar.

The main investor of Deepmemo, as well as an investor of Siteheart is PrivatBank. PrivatBank is a Ukrainian bank that has its banking branches in Ukraine, Russia, and other newly independent countries that made up the former Soviet Union, including Georgia. PrivatBank has also evolved into one of the largest and more stable banks of the former Soviet Union. PrivatBank was established in Ukraine shortly after Ukraine became independent from the Soviet Union in 1992 and has since grown to have even associates in Switzerland. According to the PrivatBank B2 Blogger, PrivatBank announced its investment into Deepmemo on September 3, 2008, and also announced that Deepmemo will also be on Facebook. PrivatBank invested $0.8 million in seed funding.

Deepmemo does have some competitors. The major competitor of Deepmemo is Clipmarks, which offers a similar service as Deepmemo does. Clipmarks is based in New York and has four people on its management team. Information about Clipmarks’ investors is not available to the public.

For more information about Deepmemo, click here.


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