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August 3, 2009

Private Investors Invest in

Filed under: Venture Capital News — admin @ 8:31 am

Based in San Francisco, California, the new recruitment startup company, announces that it has secured a total of $3 million in a funding round that was financed by a group of undisclosed private angel investors. is a recruitment startup company that had just recently launched its first platform in May 27 of this year. Its platform is a recruitment platform that has social networking properties. What is so unique about KODA is that it makes it very convenient for employers to participate in the system by providing seamless integration with company profiles, eliminating the need for employers to manually post job offers. As of today, is growing and now has opportunities posted from companies throughout the United States.

According to KODA’s CEO and cofounder, Jeff Berger, is designed to be more professional that Facebook and have a more personal affect than Linkedin. This makes unique, because it allows both the employer and prospective candidates for the job to get to know each other. Mr. Berger further added that using a traditional job board can be like finding a needle in a haystack; however, using makes the search so much easier and allows both employers and their candidates for the job offered to find more needles in less hay. Furthermore, KODA has developed proprietary technology that would actually facilitate the recruitment process and make it much easier and less stressful for both the employer and the prospective candidates for the job offered.

This funding round came in several different stages and as of today, has secured an additional $1 million from angel investors, which totals the entire round of funding to $3 million. The entire round of funding was financed by private angel investors who saw the potential of KODA’s proprietary technology. Furthermore, this round of funding has been going on for some time unannounced and the proceeds from this round of funding has enabled the company to run its public beta testing of its platform.

Mr. Berger continued to add that today’s job seekers often do not know where to turn, and provides a line of focused information that allows this generation of job seekers to explore opportunities that they otherwise would not have known existed. offers today’s generation of job seekers the key information about how today’s corporate world functions, and also informs them about corporate culture and the do’s and don’ts on searching for and successfully getting that needed job. Furthermore, the information provided to prospective candidates for jobs on KODA allows these job seekers to be fit candidates for the corporate environment. Mr. Berger also emphasized that in today’s difficult economy, being “fit” counts heavily in getting that job.

Even though KODA’s headquarters are based in San Francisco, the company also has an office in New Orleans, Louisiana, and KODA is also actively involved in the post-Katrina rebirth of the city. KODA was also named Innovator of the Year in 2009 by New Orleans CityBusiness.

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