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August 3, 2009

DevonWay Leading the Way to Work Process Improvement

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Throughout this new Information Age, in which we live in today, there are many IT companies offering many different solutions to improve communications from business and work processes to social networking. DevonWay is yet another example of a powerful IT company which has a vision to provide an on-demand solution to aid and improve the work process of heavy industry and the energy industry.

According to the DevonWay website under its product listing, the paragraph states that the IT industry has evolved into different types of methods of conveying information. The system that DevonWay employs has an organized system to improve the way people can work together for a company. DevonWay is not only dedicated to providing effective communications, but also providing a way to have improved communications and doing it at a much lower cost to the enterprise.

DevonWay’s on-demand system offers solutions and even incorporates them with Google technology to make it an even more powerful communications engine. The solutions in this on-demand system includes YourWay, ShareWay, DevonWay Connect, Google Search, WriteWay Reporter, MS Outlook, MultiLanguage, and Voice to Text. All these solutions combined into one powerful system are sure to help a company to take off globally. As far as the team at DevonWay is concerned, making communication easier and more cost effective could be a benefit to all companies. Just imagine, you are running a global company and you have affiliates in different countries and may not necessarily speak the same language you speak. Wouldn’t it be nice to have technology that is able to automatically translate your co-worker’s language into your language and vice versa? Language barriers can be a problem for global companies, but with DevonWay’s MultiLanguage, this can change. MultiLanguage can translate several languages while you are communicating with your coworkers in other countries.

Other features are the ActionWay, which provides condition and safety reports, as well as operating experience, action item management, quality control observation, and other useful services for the enterprise.

DevonWay is widely used in the nuclear energy and conventional energy industry. Especially for the nuclear industry, DevonWay has created a special SaaS or Software as a Service application set up on the DevonWay OnSite preconfigured server. Furthermore, what makes DevonWay such an attractive service to nuclear companies is that with DevonWay, company officials can enjoy all the features of a conventional browser, such as Google search to search through company data and are still able to control their security by themselves. Security is a big issue for nuclear companies in this day and age where terrorism and intrusion to sensitive access can be a serious concern. DevonWay’s service allows for nuclear companies to have complete control on important security features, such as SQA procedures.

As for the conventional energy and utilities industry, DevonWay on-demand is very useful in providing solutions to manage customer relations and lowering over all operations costs.

DevonWay’s achievements can also be proven by several press releases that have been published. In a press release published in December 3, 2008 by USA/Stars “OE,” which states that DevonWay was selected by NPPD for the Cooper Nuclear Plant. The article went of further to state that DevonWay’s TimeWay would be used to keep track of the time employees clock in and out, and also to fulfill the NPPD’s requirements to be in compliance with the 10 CFR Part 26, Subpart I, which are the Nuclear Fatigue Regulations.

In October 22, 2008, DevonWay had announced that it would team up with Hitachi in providing turnkey configurable solutions for the electrical utilities industry. The article went on further to state that the initial initiative would be to create a domestic solution that would address the above mentioned Nuclear Fatigue Regulation that is to be initiated in October of this year. This solution will also function as a SaaS where utility companies can manage all aspects of their functioning.
DevonWay is based in San Francisco, California and is a privately owned corporation that was founded in 2005. DevonWay’s investors include Crosslink Capital, which took part in a series A investment of $6.5 million in January 10, 2008.

Crosslink Capital is a unique investment firm that has one simple mission, to find the best companies to invest in. The partners at Crosslink Capital will work together with companies that show good business prospects and that have an edge. Crosslink Partners also has extensive experience and expertise in early stage investing and also provides its portfolio entrepreneurs unique partnership skills and structures. Some other companies in Crosslink’s portfolio include Alta Devices, Intematix, AmberPoint, Force 10, PlatoNetworks, SeaMicro, and others.

For more information about DevonWay, click here.


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