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July 31, 2009

Visible Measures of all the internet videos out there

Filed under: Start-up Companies Reviews — admin @ 2:04 am

We always have everything in motion around us, moving, lively. Technology had long back evolved with capturing these motions and storing them for future viewing. Then came the era of the internet, and it became more than a necessity for the videos to be shared, it was a lifeline. Estimated increase in growth of internet video population has gone from 65% to 85% within the past few years.

Founded in 2005, Visible Measures provides new solutions and capability to allow internet video publishers and advertisers understand the audience behaviours and accurately predict and analyze the success of internet video programs. They accomplish this by capturing and measuring every video interaction in every video from every viewer, from play to pause, to rewind to forward-to-a-friend and more. They major in providing video placements with benefits to the major brand advertisers. The technology works upon integrating the video streaming and viewing of the viewers to the hosts.

The company’s video solutions are provided by three core and powerful technologies, i.e., the Video Placement Multiplier, Viral Reach Database, and Video Metrics Engine and thus providing a rich technological and interactive platform for both the user and the provider.

The website has also been in the news recently for providing the top ten movie trailers chart and continuously posts the tricks and perks of understanding the online film trailer performances. One of the main features of the website is to provide with the 100 Million view club, with ratings and other details which are trusted throughout with accuracy. The list is a diverse collection of campaigns, including music and movie videos, trailers, user-generated videos, and clips from TV shows having the user hits as the common feature for all.

The company’s Partner Program is designed so as to help partners develop new opportunities and grow their businesses into profitable ventures. Built on a strong understanding of the partners’ needs, this program is sustained on solid foundation blocks of significant resource commitments to build strong and productive relationships with the partners. The company has partnered with internet video platforms Brightcove and the platform to provide their customers with analytical services as a pre-integrated solution for there projects.

The current investors for the company are:

  • * Mohr Davidow Ventures that invested in hi5 networks, ProActive Software, etc.
  • * General Catalyst Partners that invested in Kayak, EZ Prints, etc.
  • * Northgate Capital that invested in Widgetbox, Silver Spring Networks, etc.
  • * Mohr Davidow Ventures that invested in Tiny Pictures, Mantara, etc.
  • * General Catalyst Partners that invested in Sand 9, Big Fish Games, etc.

Visible Measures had been also involved in a major product release for video advertisers.
Vidmeter gathers data from across the internet and provides an accurate and detailed representation of the most popular online videos in various forms. Since, it seems impossible to tell the exact number of hits and views a given video has been receiving from every website and every download, Vidmeter accumulates the reported view count from a large cross-section of web-based video sites, and hence indicates the relative popularity of the video among the viewers.

The major competitors it faces in the industry are Intempo Digital and Mixercast. The two majors specialise in music sharing and also eat up the larger chunk of the video industry. Intempo in particular had been involved in release of a large number of products for making streaming/download easier for the user.
Mixercast on the other hand is the mastermind creation of developers from Yahoo, Microsoft and many such large firms. It highlights the fact of legal sharing and personal sharing with customised products being available for the same.

For more information about Visible Measures, please click here.


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