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July 31, 2009

Outspark: a new experience for the online game player

Filed under: Start-up Companies Reviews — admin @ 1:56 am

Outspark, an online game company that focuses on the community besides the engaging online multiplayer and Role playing games (RPGs), was founded in January 2007, by Susan Choe and has now over 4.7 million users. Outspark is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with a subsidiary office in Seoul, Korea.
Enjoying rapid success due to a unique business model that has flourished an online community engaging in social events, in-game and around the game networking and user generated content, not to mention the amazingly personalized user experience, this site has over 5.4 million unique visitors each month engaging in “massively multiplayer online” (MMO) games.
In less than two years, Outspark has signed deals with various leading internet service distribution and game developer partner companies including YouTube, XFire, Meebo, Yahoo! Games, BesyBuy and not to mention BitTorrent, among others.
On December 2nd, 2008 Outspark recruited Paul Thind, formally working in Habbo, a competitor, as the firm’s chief business officer.
In January 2008, Outspark raised Series B $11 million capital from investors Tencent Holdings, DCM and Altos Ventures. And in July 2009 they raised series C $8.3 million capital from investors Syncom Venture Partners and SBI Investment.
Currently Outspark offers the following games:

  • Fiesta
  • Secret of the Solstice
  • Bread ‘n Butter
  • Project Powder
  • Blackshot
  • Wind Slayer( their latest offering)
  • They are about to release another game titled “Dance Groove”.
    There are other browser based games as well, just waiting for the users to come and enjoy. With all the games free to play, it is the consumer (read player) who will benefit the most out of this venture with a plethora of games at his/her disposal.
    To sign up for a free Outspark player account or for more information please visit the Outspark site.
    Among those that invested in Outspark there are Syncom Venture Partners and SBI Investment.
    Syncom Venture Partners was founded in 1977 and has headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland. A leading media and communications venture capital firm that supports talented entrepreneurs dedicated to creating innovative business of great escalating value. Approximately $400 million of private equity capital is managed by Syncom.
    SBI Investment is a subsidiary of SBI Holdings, Inc., which is one of the largest and most active venture capital firms in Japan. Established in 1996, the company has since focused its investments on current growth sectors such as information technology, bio-tech and life sciences. Offering comprehensive support to entrepreneurs through its venture capital fund, provides them with the risk capital, support in the terms of taxes and finances, public offering related consultation services and capable managers. Managing various venture capital funds, its total fun size is of over $1 billion.


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