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July 21, 2009

Evernote: your very own work station

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Wouldn’t you like your own personal space where you can not only store your important notes but also have it almost communicate to you? Well maybe in the past this would have seemed like a far fetched idea, but not in today’s world. Presenting EVERNOTE… your very own work station where you can take notes, clip WebPages, snap photos using your mobile phones, create to-do lists and if this hasn’t triggered off your interest yet, then you can even record audio on this.

Evernote presents to you the most ideal way to access your information anytime, anywhere. Once you save any given information on Evernote, the powerful image and text recognition engines analyze the content and make it searchable, so accessing it would be child’s play.

Evernote was launched in 2009 and has it’s base in Mountain View, California and has a 50 member team. This company was conceptualized by Amir Behrooz and is headed by Phil Libin who is the current CEO. Though comparatively new in the business world, Evernote has already achieved the distinction of having one million registered users and has raised approximately $4.5 million last year alone.

Evernote’s 2 main investors include Troika Dialogue and Amir Behrooz the founder of Evernote and owner of Alimed, a leading manufacturer and supplier of high end products for all segments of the healthcare market.

The success of Evernote was not an overnight one. It was and continues to be steady and consistent. Through it’s Iphone application, Evernote has been downloaded around a million times. The company also has Mac and Windows clients as well as a Web browser version. If you were to have a breakdown in percentages, when it comes to usage, Windows has a 36% usage, Mac has a 28% usage, iPhone has a 20%usage, The Web browser version has an 11% usage, the Blackberry is at 2% and all the other mobile devices stand at a modest 1%.The numbers pertaining to the company are instructive because the number of downloads does not equal the number of registered users. The success of Evernote lies in it’s active users which amounts to almost 360,000. Though the number might seem relatively less, over the past one year this number has created over 36 million notes. The notes posted come in the form of Web clips, text notes, Photos, PDF documents, Voice notes, Digital ink and so on.

The main goal of Evernote is to enable people to capture any idea, moment or experience in any possible way they want and in any given possible platform and, later on, making it as accessible as they can. And they have achieved the desired results with the creation of text and ink notes, snapshots of whiteboards and clips of WebPages.

Since this is a very new, easy and convenient method of storing information, there are other companies who are in the running alongside Evernote. Evernote has 2 main competitors in the market namely Springnote and Radar Networks.
Springnote is a service that has captured the essence of Wiki. It works as a representative service of the web as a platform and the writable web.
Radar Networks is pioneering the mainstream adoption of the Semantic Web or what is sometimes called “Web 3.0”.

For those wanting a pocket friendly option, then Evernote provides it’s users with a free account. But for those who feel it just isn’t enough, then they can opt for the Evernote Premium. It comes complete with full synchronization, 500 MB of monthly allowance, stronger security and many more premium features. Evernote has approximately 13,755 Premium subscribers which comes out to about a 3.75 conversion rate. With time, the number of Premium subscriptions and the conversion rate is on the rise. The annual run rate is about 650,00 which may not sound much but Evernote has it’s other share of revenues. According to Phil Libin, the company’s CEO, if Evernote has about a million paying subscribers then that would be considered a decent profitable return for Evernote.

Evernote is your friendly companion which does not limit itself to only your PC or your mobile. It can be downloaded into your Mac, Windows mobile, Palm Pre, Blackberry, Web clippers and into your SanDisk U3 flash drives.

Evernote recommends the following products to make it easy for their users to capture anything, anytime: GRIFFIN CLARIFI CASE FOR THE IPOD 3G and EYE-FI WIRELESS SD CARD.
GRIFFIN CLARIFI CASE FOR THE IPOD 3G comes with a built in lense to make snapshots super clearwhich further improves evernote’s recognition results.
The EYE-FI WIRELESS SD CARD goes directly into your digital camera and your photos go directly into Evernote through Wi-Fi

For more detailed information about Evernote click here.


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