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July 20, 2009

Control Your Home’s Security System Wirelessly! Ingrid Home Security Revolutionizing the Security Industry

Filed under: Start-up Companies Reviews — admin @ 6:48 am

During a time where economic times are difficult and more people are loosing their jobs, needless to say the crime rate is rising and more people are looking for more effective ways to protect their homes and businesses from theft and other crimes. In fact, during such tough economic times, the security industry is doing very well and Ingrid Home Security is no exception to the rule. Furthermore, Ingrid Home Security has a revolutionary proprietary technology that allows you to control your home security system’s parameters through wireless controls.

Founded in 2004 and based in Berwin, Pennsylvania; Ingrid offers a whole array of technologies to keep your home and property protected. What makes Ingrid’s technology so revolutionary is that unlike most of your conventional security systems, there is no messy installation, no tearing through walls for placing wiring, or no requirement for a land phone line. Most of the security systems that Ingrid Home Security can be operated through your wireless phone or other communication device.

The way the Ingrid system works is by having a cordless phone and security remote control unit in one unit. This device allows you to keep your security controls with you at all times and this unit also has a panic button, incase someone is breaking into your home at night, when you are home alone. Along with the handset, Ingrid Home Security also provides a base to recharge the handset’s battery.

The next item in the Ingrid Security System is the Keypad Counsel, which is not only a security system keypad, but also doubles as a speaker phone and even has a weather station that can alert you when severe weather is on the way, giving you enough time to run to the basement when that tornado hits.

The next device in the Ingrid Home Security System is the Grid Extender. This is the brain of the entire system and enlarges the wireless grid to cover your entire house. The Ingrid Home website even advertises that you can use this device to cover your neighbor’s home if you wish to do so. This device will send all security information and security breaches to the Ingrid Home Security Monitoring Center.

Ingrid Home Security will even provide you with a security keychain, which has a panic button that you can press either inside or outside your home. You can also attach your house and car keys to the ring on the keychain.

Along with these wonderful gadgets, your system is supplied with eight points of protection. These points of protection are sensors that dedect motion and can detect whether there is an intruder inside your home when you are gone and can trigger the alarm. The alarm is also included in your system and has a high decibel siren that can scare the intruder away.

The security package also comes with an auxiliary battery pack for extra power and Ingrid Security signs for your yard.

Ingrid also offers you online access to your home’s security system from your laptop from anywhere in the world. You can access your security center and make changes to it from your office, a hotel, or where ever.

Ingrid Home Security has also been in the news. According to an article from the New York Times, that was dated October 29, 2008, the article states that Engineer, Mr. Jongsma had built a house where the builders installed a pre-wired security system and later on, Mr. Jongsma decided to reconfigure his home security system but soon found out that he was in over his head. Furthermore, the article stated that most alarm companies have their monitoring service and their system can only be used by their service and might not work properly with others, and the monitoring services can be fairly expensive. The Ingrid System, however, allows you to have a pay as you go plan and all of it is wireless.

On January 22, 2008, PC World wrote that the Ingrid Home Kit was well worth the time to install. This article continues to state that most conventional security alarm services, such as ADT use outdated analog phone land lines, whereas the Ingrid System is completely wireless and works on the broadband wireless network, therefore the system is not just restricted to one home.

Ingrid Home Security’s investors include Novak Biddle Venture Parters and PA Early Stage Partners, which invested $6.6 million in series A funding in September of 2004; Centerpoint Ventures, which invested $8.1 million in June of 2006; and ZG Ventures, which joined Novak Biddle Venture Partners, Centerpoint Ventures, and PA Early Stage Partners in a $13.5 million investment in series C funding.

Novak Biddle Venture Partners is a vc firm that provides both venture capital and private equity to early stage companies in the IT industry within the Mid-Atlantic region. Some other companies in Novak Biddle’s portfolio include 2tor, Appian, Starfish, Social Gaming Network, Education Initiative, and others.

PA Early Stage Partners has currently changed its name to Novitas, which according to them, means early stage success. The vc firm mainly invests seed and early stage funding to companies in various industries. Novitas also plays an active role in helping the startup company’s success. Some other companies in Novitas’s portfolio include Arista Systems, LightWire, Nistica, Fortera, EZ Prints, and others.

Centerpoint Ventures is a vc firm that has the philosophy of not just offering the needed capital, but also choosing the right deals and showing up at board meetings. Centerpoint is an active investor that follows its portfolio companies every step of the way. Centerpoint Ventures mainly invests in the first or second round of funding. Some other companies in Centerpoint’s portfolio include D2Audio, Voyence, Netbotz, Neoworld, and others.

Ingrid Home security does not yet have any competitors that are noteworthy enough to provide serious competition.

For more information about Ingrid Home Security, click here.


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