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July 15, 2009

Slinkset Can Allow You to Create Your Own News Social Network, or Can It?

Filed under: Start-up Companies Reviews — admin @ 9:09 am

As social networks are growing in popularity, there is a constant flow of new social networks out there that provide something for everyone. The newest one of these social networks is Slinkset. Slinkset claims to be a news related social network which allows you to register, if you can get the registration to work, that is.

According to the company’s website, you are able to create your own social news network in seconds. When you do create your network, you are supposed to have the ability to customize your own design, use your own domain, etc. You can even auto post links through the RSS method. Slinkset also has a link that allows you to visit other Slinkset sites. Slinkset also features sites and gives typography tips.

Registration on Slinkset, however, is not what it is cracked out to be. After trying to register into Slinkset, the registration failed every time. Either there is something wrong with the password or something else, it’s hard to explain. Furthermore, there are few or no directions what so ever to make the sign in process easier or successful. Furthermore, if the registration process is not user friendly and people are unable o sign in and start using the Slinkset site, how will the company succeed?

Slinkset was until recently owned by Anzavista, but now it was acquired by blogging company, Posterious, Inc., which is a company that allows you to write and post blog entries. Posterious acquired Slinkset in June of this year.

Slinkset’s sole known investor is the Y Combinator, which invested an undiscloded amount in seed funding in 2008.

The Y Combinator is a unique vc firm that is solely dedicated to providing the needed capital to startup companies in the internet, software, and tech industries. According to the Y Combinator, getting started is the hardest step for fledgeling entrepreneurs and the vc firm is dedicated to get them over that difficult first step. Furthermore, when it comes to technology, the team at the Y Combinator are all young techies with the passion for new technology and are more than willing to help out the diligent entrepreneur who has a unique technology that will revolutionize the internet industry.

Slinkset does not have any noteworthy competitors, but there are some companies that provide a similar service to Slinkset. One of these is Digg, which was founded in 2004 and provides people a place to explore and share content from anywhere on the internet.

For more information about Slinkset, click here.


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