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July 13, 2009

Ozmo Devices Links All WiFi Devices to Your WLAN or WPAN With Innovative Technologies

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Founded in 2004, Ozmo Devices has been innovating new devices that can use the WiFi connection to link together with your WPAN or WLAN. The company’s technicians are developing a two-part solution which has a driver incorporated in it that coexists with the host platform’s WiFi device, which could be a computer or other device. The other part of this solution is a low powered component that is highly integrated into the system and is embedded in the wireless peripheral. Furthermore, the type of platform that Ozmo is developing can leverage itself to any of your WiFi devices from your iPod Touch or iPhone to your laptop computer and in linking these two devices you can have your own WLAN or WPAN.

Along with this innovative platform, Ozmo also provides applications to make all the peripherals work together smoothly.

As of 2008, about 95% of all PC laptop computers are WiFi enabled and naturally the laptop computer is what most people use WiFi with to connect to the internet. It would only make sense for Ozmo to make the laptop computer to be the first basis for applications for Ozmo’s technology. The value of millions of laptop computers can significantly increase when Ozmo devices with a WiFi chip in them are linked wirelessly to your laptop. Furthermore, you can use your computer together with other peripheral devices such as mobile devices, consumer electronics, and hi-tech television sets and set up your own WPAN or WLAN.

With the advent of technology in the late 20th Century and the first nine years of the 21st Century more and more devices are becoming outfitted to be WiFi capable. Whether you have any kind of consumer electronics, the newest MP3 players or cellphones are all equipped with WiFi. The first WiFi MP3 player that was WiFi equipped was Apple’s iPod Touch, and now everyone is jumping into this market. Video games are also going WiFi, with many video games being made to work with devices that are WiFi equipped. The problem, however, lies in bandwidth. Video players and video game controllers which can output highly graphic video games require more bandwidth than what the ordinary WPAN can accommodate. Ozmo Devices also provides a solution for this. All the peripherals that Ozmo creates for consumer electronics do provide the bandwidth for high-quality video and audio files.

What really gives Ozmo Devices the potential for taking off in the marketplace is its home entertainment platform. Nowadays home entertainment systems and computers are integrated with television and internet being merged into one unit. One of the benefits of having internet based TV is that the variety of channels to your avail is amazing. Some web-based television platforms even allow you to view TV channels from all over the world. Ozmo Devices has the technology needed to wirelessly integrate your home entertainment system with your computer. Ozmo Devices allows you to connect unlimited devices to your home entertainment system.

Ozmo Devices is based in Palo Alto, California and was founded in 2004. The company employs 26 people.

Ozmo Devices has been in the news quite a bit since its founding. In March 30, 2008 Ozmo Devices’ subsidiary, H-Stream Wireless received $12.55 million in series A funding from Granite Venture Partners. The article stated that the revolutionary platform that Ozmo provides solves many problems with WiFi connections and different WiFi devices, allowing for many peripherals to be connected wirelessly at the same time. H-Stream Wireless, however, develops wireless semiconductor solutions.

In 2008, Ozmo announced the launching of WPAN applications for low powered wireless devices. The article also states that in 2004, when Ozmo was founded, the company also invented and launched the H-Stream Wireless.

Ozmo’s investors include Granite Ventures, Tallwood Venture Partners, and Intel Capital.

Founded in 1992, Granite Venture Partners is a vc firm that mainly invests in early stage companies in the communications and software industries. Granite Ventures has over $700 million under its management and has invested in over 80 companies since its founding. Some of the companies in Granite Ventures’ portfolio include Airtight Networks, GigaNet, InfoGear Technology, NetBoost, and others.

Intel Capital is the vc arm of the CPU maker, Intel, and invests in companies that have a product that is of interest to Intel.

Tallwood Venture Partners is a vc firm that is devoted to the semiconductor industry and the vc firm raised its first fund in 2002, which consisted of $180 million and then raised its second fund in 2005, which consists of $250 million. The vc firm’s main investors are Stanford and Harvard Universities. Some other companies in Tallwood’s portfolio include Abound Logic, Astute Networks, Ciena, Calypto, and others.

Ozmo Devices does have some competitors, one of which is Nanoradio, which is based in Kista, Sweden. The company offers products that are similar to those that Ozmo Devices makes. Nanoradio was founded in 2004 and employs 55 people. Nanoradio has three people on its management team.

For more information about Ozmo Devices, click here.


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