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July 1, 2009

The Latest in Online Advertising, Pinch Media Allows You to Create Your Own Application

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A new form of advertising has appeared on the internet. Introducing Pinch Media, which is an advertising company that offers a free service and even allows you to create your own application. Using this service is very simple and you do not need to be a techie to be able to create an app on Pinch Media. You even have the option to charge for downloading your application if you choose to do so. You can even have your application to be in several different languages. The languages that you can choose from are English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, and Spanish. After you have written what the application will do, Pinch Media will launch it automatically. Once you have successfully created your application, you will see at the top of the website, that your application and the name of your application successfully added to Pinch Media. You will be required to create your own application to be able to use the services available on Pinch Media.

The two major services are the Pinch Analytics, which is an analytic system that is compatible with mobile phones. This program is integrated with your app and you can see all the valuable data about the market of your product. Pinch Analytics is free to use and your app is automatically enrolled into it after you have created it.

The second service is Pinch Advertising. Pinch Advertising is an app that can be used on the iPhone and the above mentioned Pinch Analytics is required to enroll your app for this service. Furthermore, Pinch Advertising is also offered simultaneously with JumpTap, which is a leading network in the mobile advertising industry. This also allows you to integrate your app with JumpTap’s sales team and enables your app to work with the iPhone. If you choose to enroll your app with this service, you need to click on the hyperlink below that will say enroll and your app’s name. When you click on this link and plan to enroll your app with this service, you will see a whole page that explains the terms and services this service provides. You will also be notified that JumpTap will handle all the payments. Your adds will appear on the iPhone as a banner at the top of the iPhone display. You will not be prompted to type in a credit or debit card number or your cellphone number for payment.

Pinch Media is a privately owned company that is based in Hoboken, New Jersey. The company’s management team consists of its two founders, Greg Yardley, who also works at Pinch Media as the company’s CEO and Jesse Rohland, who also works at the company as its lead developer.

Mr. Yardley has quite a bit of experience in designing analytics and ad serving products. One of the reasons of Pinch Media’s success is because Mr. Yardley is a former Yahoo employee and worked on Yahoo’s real time auction for the Yahoo advertising. Mr. Yardley joined Yahoo, when it acquired Right Media, where Mr. Yardley was the lead product manager.

Mr. Rohland is the engine that runs Pinch Media’s engineering efforts. Before joining Mr. Yardley in founding Pinch Media, Mr. Rohland also worked at Yahoo, where he was the key developer. Before coming to Yahoo, Mr. Rohland was a developer at several e-commerce sites.

Union Square Ventures, First Round Capital, and W Media Ventures are the three major investors in Pinch Media and invested an undisclosed amount in series A funding in seed funding in May of 2008.

Based in New York, Union Square Ventures is a vc firm that mainly invests in early stage companies in the IT industry and that have an innovative product that has the potential to disrupt the market. Some companies in Union Square’s portfolio include 10gen, Adaptive Blue, AMEE, Boxee, Clickable, and others.

With offices in Philadelphia and San Francisco, First Round Capital is a vc firm that primarily invests in early stage companies that are competitive. The vc firm does not offer capital to companies that do not have a competitive edge in their markets. Some other companies that First Round Capital has in its portfolio include 33Accross, Ambient Devices, AppNexux, Aster Data Systems, and others.

W Media Ventures is a vc firm that mainly invests in internet opportunities and looks for entrepreneurs who want to build outstanding companies. Some companies in W Media’s portfolio include, AdMarketplace, Nexopia, TeamPages, TechVibes, and others.

Pinch Media has one major competitor who is AppLoop. AppLoop is a privately owned company based in Silicon Valley, California and was founded in 2008. The company employs two people and has two people on its management team.

For more information about Pinch Media, click here.


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