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June 30, 2009

SimilarWeb Claims to Provide Easy Access to Related Information On the Web

Filed under: Start-up Companies Reviews — admin @ 1:54 am

Based in Israel and founded in 2007, SimilarWeb is a service that allows you to have easy access to related information from the web. This is not like other services, where you have to sign up and have an account with similar web to be able to use its services. SimilarWeb has downloads that you can download onto your computer, however, its applications are not compatible with Macs, unless you have a Mac that has Parallels Desktop or another virtual machine that has Windows installed on it. The downloads from SimilarWeb work only with Windows XP or Vista.

The SimilarWeb Download is actually a toolbar that goes to your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and retrieves all similar data to the data you are looking up on the web. There is also a SimilarWeb download that will work with Mozilla’s Firefox.

The SimilarWeb tool bar is like any of the other toolbars on your Internet Explorer. With SimilarWeb, you have the choice to view in either thumbnail, list, small icon, or you can even have it as a toolbar button. However you have it, it will do the same thing, find related information and give you the information that you are looking up.

SimilarWeb was the brainchild of several IT and internet industry veterans who are dedicated to helping people get the information they need on the web.

The internet has revolutionized our lives and because of the internet, we have access to even more information than ever before. Furthermore, now we will be seeing Web 2.0, which is even faster and capable to handle much more bandwidth, so there will be even more data available. SimilarWeb does not disclose who is on the management team.

There has been some coverage about SimilarWeb from the different press, covering the tech and internet industry.

According to TechCrunch, SimilarWeb is a new startup that is starting to get attention because the people at SimilarWeb have spent over two years mapping millions of websites and are still adding more daily. This allows the SimilarWeb browser to search a website that a user has logged onto and SimilarWeb will search sites with similar content and provide those sites to that user.

WebWare’s article dated January 30, 2009 raves that SimilarWeb is a downloadable program that can simplify your search. According to WebWare, the SimilarWeb software works fairly well and allows users to rearrange lists and also submit new sites to that list.

SimilarWeb does not disclose its investors or the amount of funding it has received.

SimilarWeb does have a few competitors, however the most noteworthy competitor is Yoono, which is a company that provides a service similar to the one that SimilarWeb provides. Yoono is based in San Francisco and was founded in 2005. Yoono is a privately owned company that employs 22 people and has five people on its management team.

For more information about SimilarWeb, click here.


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