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June 26, 2009

Social Network Market Growing Utterli Fast. Utterli Being the Latest Social Network

Filed under: Start-up Companies Reviews — admin @ 3:26 am

The online social network is increasingly growing with all kinds of new social networks out there just trying to get you to join them. Most of these social networks are free to join, whereas some others require payment. The social networks can be restricted to a specific topic, such as travel, or they can be open social networks that allow you to connect with your friends, like Facebook, Myspace, and others. Now there is a new social network joining this rapidly growing market. Introducing Utterli, which is still undergoing beta testing. It is a social network that allows you to create, connect, and share files anywhere. Utterli lets you upload image files and share them with your friends who are also on the Utterli network. You can access the Utterli network from anywhere, whether you are on a computer, mobile phone or other mobile gadget that has wireless internet connection.

The way that Utterli works is rather simple. First you need to sign up and it is free. When you sign up on Utterli, you need first to type in your email address and then confirm your email address. After that you will also be required to type in and confirm your password. You will also be prompted to enter a user name. You will also be prompted to enter and then confirm your mobile phone number with area code. Once you have submitted all this information and have successfully signed into Utterli, you will be able to create your profile. All of these options are optional and if you do not want to give all the information they ask about in these questions, you do not have to. One of the options allows you to add email addresses of your friends, so they can also join Utterli and you can socialize online with each other. Other information is strictly for your profile. These questions concern your basic personal information, such as your date of birth, gender, your favorite band, sport, team TV show, etc. You also have the option of not responding to these questions or you can answer them and next to the text boxes for each question, you can click on a check box that would allow Utterli to release that information to your online public profile.

Once you have done all that, you are in.

The management team at Utterli consists of three people, who are Michael Beyer, CEO, Paul Gagne, CTO, and Aaron Burcell, CMO.

Mr. Beyer is the one who keeps the business machine running smoothly. His job at Utterli as the company’s CEO is to make sure that the company gets the capital it needs to keep running and oversees all functions of Utterli’s functions. Before coming to Utterli, Mr. Beyer worked as both the CFO and COO for both consumer and B2B startups, including Revivio, which was later acquired by Symantec; LightChip, which was later acquired by Digital Lightwave and Confluent Phototonics; and, where Mr. Beyer led the company’s IPO. Mr. Beyer graduated from Babson College with a BS and then went on to Cornell to receive his MBA.

Mr. Gagne’s role at Utterli as the company’s CTO includes all the company’s technical innovations. Mr. Gagne is behind all the technical parameters of Utterli and it is his work to have your experience at Utterli to be a pleasant and trouble free one. Before coming to Utterli, Mr. Gagne worked as the vice president and CTO of several tech companies, including ThinkEngine; SoundBite; Voicetek, later acquired by Aspect Communications; and Aspect Communications. Mr. Gagne graduated from Massachusetts State University with a BS in Computer Science, and then went on to receive an MSE from Boston University.

Mr. Burcell is the company’s CMO and he also has quite a bit of tech experience. Before coming to Utterli, Mr. Burcell worked at Microsoft’s Web TV and Bloomba, which is Correll’s WordPerfect email service. He also worked at several Web 2.0 startups, including PodShow and Jangle. Many entrepreneurs look up to Mr. Burcell, since his experience and success and has also gained many acquisitions in his entrepreneurial career.

Utterli is a privately owned company and is based in Maynard, Massachusetts and employes ten people. The company was founded in 2007 and their funding and investors are not disclosed to the public. Utterli mainly generates its revenues through advertising and also has links that can link you to other websites.

Utterli does not have any noteworthy competitors to compete against, however, the social network is a growing industry with many social networks out there, the two giants of the online social networking industry are still by far Facebook and Myspace.

Utterli’s services are not just limited to its website, but they also offer some apps and widgets. Utterli offers you to post your utters in cross posts with such online apps as WordPress, Flikr, Twitter, Blogger, and YahooGroups to name a few. Other apps that work with Utterli include a variety of social apps that can be added to Facebook and Bebo. Utterli also has a downloadable desktop app that you can download to either your desktop or laptop computer and use it for all your utters.

Utterli also provides a Widget Gallery that has a variety of widgets that you can add to your personal websites and the ones that are available are the Utterli Classic, Utterli Nano, and the Utterli Sidebar. These widgets can be placed on your website and it will automatically update itself with your latest utters.

For more information about Utterli, click here.


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