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June 24, 2009

Need to Map It? Click2Map Can Map It. Or Can’t it?

Filed under: Start-up Companies Reviews — admin @ 6:57 am

Click2Map is the latest in online mapping technology that works together with Google map. The way Click2Map works is that you have to subscribe to one of its services. The first service is a free monthly or yearly subscription and is known as the Click2Map Bronze Plan. The Bronze Plan is also available in an unlimited subscription for $99. The next plan that Click2Map offers is the Silver Plan, which allows you to publish the maps you have created as widgets in websites and batch bundling of map markers. The Silver Plan also allows you to have the possibility to add directions to published maps, protect your maps with passwords, and detailed stats on your map visitors. The Silver Plan does cost money. For monthly subscriptions, the price is $9 per month, $92 per year, or an unlimited subscription for a one time fee of $149.

The higher premium plans that Click2Map has to offer are the Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan. The Gold Plan offers all kinds of bells and whistles for those who like that sort of thing. This plan has all the features available in the Silver and Bronze Plans and also has a feature that allows you to import and export tools that are compatible with CSV, KML, GeoRSS, and XML formats. The Gold Plan costs $19 per month, $190 per year, or you can get the unlimited subscription with a one time fee of $319. The Platinum Plan is the highest plan that Click2Map has to offer. The Platinum Plan offers all the features of the above mentioned features of the three above mentioned plans along with the option of having your maps without the Click2Map logo on your published maps, marker templates, and a customizable personal database. The Platinum Plan is the most expensive plan offered with a monthly subscription costing $39 per month, or $390 per year. You can also get an unlimited subscription of the Platinum Plan for a one time fee of $659.

Now you know what plans are available by Click2Map and how they work, suppose you want to sign up for one. The Bronze Plan does not seem very impressive. Once you have registered on the Bronze Plan, which is free, you will see a list that has all your maps on it. You will see the first map and it is titled “My First Map.” You can see the status, or even open the Click2Map Editor.

The map editor does not work on certain browsers. If you are a Mac user, you will not want to use Safari as the browser for your map editor. The Map2Click editor seems only to work in Mozilla’s FireFox. Once you have successfully opened your map editor, the map does appear. It is a map of the world, but the map of the world is very difficult to manage. For example, to try to focus on a specific area or country, theoretically you can scroll up and down to increase or decrease the zoom on the map, but if you zoom up or down, the map will sometimes disappear. With the satellite, hybrid, or terrain maps, you will also see that parts of the world maps are missing. Whether this is a good program or not is up to you, but things should be able to work properly, otherwise the market might not bode well for that particular product.

Click2Map sounds good on the surface, but knowing only the free Bronze plan, it is difficult to make a clear judgement on the company’s products and services. There are also many different variables that need to be taken into account with online programs, such as the ones provided by Map2Click. Some of these variables include the type of computer you are using, what that computer’s CPU’s maximum output is, how much RAM you have or what type of internet connection you have. All these variables can affect the performance quality of the services provided.

Click2Map also offers services, where Click2Map can actually do the map for you and this can be easier than doing the maping yourself, using Map2Click’s tools. How these services work is very simple. You can do address geocoding, which is the ability to encode an address from anywhere in the world and encode it with GPS coordinates. You can also have a map professionally created by Map2Click professionals, who can create a professional looking map for you to be able to publish on your website. Other services are also available. You can also contact professionals by filling out an online form next to the services available by Click2Map.
Click2Map is based in Metz, France and has two people on its management team. These people are Antony Zanetti, the company’s CTO; and Benoit Christiaens, who serves as the company’s Vice President of Marketing and Strategy.

Click2Map’s sole investor is OSEO Innovation, which invested $0.05 million in seed funding for the company in December of 2006.

Founded in 2005, OSEO Innovation was created by the merging of ANVAR, French Innovation Agency and BDPME, which is a SME Development Bank. The bulk of OSEO’s investments is in companies with innovative technologies in all sectors of the tech industry.

Map2Click does have a competitor. This competitor is MapVersa, which is based in India and was founded in 2008. MapVersa offers similar services to Click2Map and is a privately owned corporation.

For more information about Click2Map, click here.


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