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June 12, 2009

Need a Job? Have Trouble Finding One in Your Area? Try Simply Hired — The Search Engine that Does the Job Hunting for You

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The internet is always generating new markets, from internet related products to services. Finding a job can be very difficult for some people, who may not necessarily know how to look for jobs or have had enough of reading the classifieds to find a job. Well, the internet has generated a market for those people too. Not only is this a large lucrative market, but a competitive one as well. One of the companies in this market is Simply Hired, which is dedicated to finding you a job. The website is actually a search engine dedicated to scan all areas throughout the United States and you can find either a part-time or full-time job by simply typing in your zip code. You can also register with Simply Hired to get even more benefits, though you do not need to be a member to search for jobs on the site.

If you do choose to be a member of Simply Hired, some of the benefits include managing email alerts, manage searches, and post resumes online. Registration does not cost anything.

The way Simply Hired works is that you have a search bar where you can write the description of a job you are looking for and by typing you zip code, you can localize your search. You can also click on links at the top of the Simply Hired website to streamline your search. For example, if you click on the local jobs link, you can type in your city and above that you can type in keywords. Suppose you want to find a part-time job for the summer, you can type in the key words “part-time jobs” or “summer jobs.” Simply Hired will find all the part-time or summer jobs throughout your locality. For example, suppose you live in Michigan City, Indiana; you type in Michigan City, IN in the location bar and you have typed in the above mentioned key words, and you will see a whole list of part-time jobs in your area spanning 30 miles from where you live. The first choice that appears in the list is a link that shows openings for part-time and full-time bar tenders in Gary, Indiana. This may be a bit far for some people, especially when a bar tender’s job mainly is in the evening to the night hours. You can also see in green lettering where this opening was discovered and how many days it was posted. In this list, it shows that this opening was posted 13 days ago from Career Builder. This can be a long time and it is possible that the positions may have been filled. Let’s see what happens if we look at the opening. The link explains that a bar tender can expect to make $40 to $60 an hour and explains the job requirements. You can also apply online by clicking on Career Builder’s apply button.

The second choice is an entry level sales position in Michigan City. The green text shows that this opening was posted six days ago by Career Builder. You can see when you click on the link, that this opening was put out by Vector, which is based in Canada and has worked with local stores in Michigan City. If you click on the Apply button, you get a page out of Vector and you are prompted to enter your zip code. Once you type in your zip code, an online application appears where you will be prompted to type in your email, first name, last name, one of three telephone numbers, and your street address. The application will also ask you if you are under 18 years of age and you will have to select a point that is next to a yes or no. This question also implies that you must be at least 17 and a high school graduate. Under that question is another question that asks whether you are a student or not. Again, this question is also a yes or no question. The third question asks what your highest schooling is with two selections, one high school, and the second being college or university. Under this selection you have a text bar, where you are prompted to type in the name of either your high school, college, or university. Another question will ask if you are currently employed or not, a yes or no question, then if the answer is yes, there is a text bar where you can write who your current employer’s name if you are currently employed. After these basic questions, you will be asked if you like to work with other people (important for customer service jobs). This question is to be answered in a paragraph box with 75 words maximum. The last question on the online application deals with your hobbies and interests. This question is to be answered in ten words.

On the original Career Builder page for this job opening, you also have the option to call the company directly, the phone number is posted on the page.

Simply Hired is a privately owned company that was founded in 2003 and is based in Mountain View, California. The people on Simply Hired’s managment team are Gautam Godhwani, CEO and cofounder; Dion Lim, President and COO; Brian Corey, Senior Vice President of Sales; and James Levine, Vice President of Engineering.

At Simply Hired, Mr. Godhwani is the head hancho of the company. He is the driving force that is the key to the company’s success. Mr. Godhwani is an individual who is very ambitious in all of his endeavors, and furthermore he has quite a bit of experience in launching new startups. Some of the other startups that Gautam Godhwani has founded include the India Community Center and AtWeb, which was acquired by Netscape in 1998 and was the developer of the Website Garage, an internet tool for small businesses to fine tune their websites.

Dion Lim is the person who makes sure that everything at Simply Hired runs smoothly. As the company’s COO, Mr. Lim is in charge of all the company’s operation. Mr. Lim is also an entrepreneur who founded startups as well. Before coming to Simply Hired, he founded, which is now, Dot-com Petri Dish, and others.

Brian Corey is the wizard at sales and has been the driving force behind making key sales for Simply Hired. Before Simply Hired, Mr. Corey was a sales executive at and has over 25 years in sales and marketing experience.

James Levine makes sure that Simply Hired runs smoothly, like a well oiled machine. Mr. Levine is the architect of the technical systems that keep Simply Hired running. Mr. Levine has over 20 years in experience in consulting and has worked with many large companies, such as Sony, Xerox, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and others.

Simply Hired’ s investors include Garage Technology Ventures, Fox Interactive Media, News Corporation, and Foundation Capital.

Simply Hired does have quite a few competitors. Some of the major competitors include Jobster and CareerJet.

Jobster is a website that allows you to build your profile to attract prospective employers. This website has a slightly different approach to the online job search by integrating social networking with a job search and target advertising to link you with other people that could find you a job. Jobster was founded in 2004 and is based in Seattle, Washington. The company has five people on its management team and one person on its board of directors.

CareerJet is the “user friendly” job search engine on the internet. It advertises itself to make it simple for you to find a job on the internet by using its search engine. CareerJet is based in London and was founded in April 1, 2002. CareerJet is a privately owned LLC and two people on its board of directors.

For more information about Simply Hired, click here.


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