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June 8, 2009

The Tripwolf is Hungry for Travel, and for Success in the Online Traveler’s Social Networking Market As Well.

Filed under: Start-up Companies Reviews — admin @ 7:44 am

Yet another online travel guide club has started to come into the increasingly lucrative and competitive online travel market. There is now a wolf among, Gekko, and — the Tripwolf. Tripwolf is a travel club that offers a service similar to but takes it one step further. Tripwolf does not only provide travel guides to plan your trips with or create your own guides, it also allows you to book hotels anywhere in the world, see what other people say about different places to go to, etc. Tripwolf has it all. There is even a Tripwolf App for your iPhone. The way that Tripwolf works is very simple. First, like all social networks, you need to register and create your account and user name with Tripwolf and it is absolutely free. After receiving your confirmation email from Tripwolf, you log onto their website. The first thing you will see is a map and a photo. Toward the top of the website you will see a set of tabs. These tabs have different options that are available to you for all aspects of world travel on Tripwolf. The first tab is the guide tab and is the tab that is by default open every time you log onto the site.

The guide tab is basically the dashboard of your account and you have a map provided by Google Maps with the option to see either just the map, satellite imagery, a hybrid of a map and satellite imagery, or terrain. You can search all kinds of travel destinations worldwide, see other guides, create your own PDF travel guide, and a box with links to all kinds of different countries in Europe or Asia. At the top of the website, above the tabs, you can see in orange a search bar, where you can run a search for a certain destination.

The second tab on the Tripwolf website is the gallery tab, which features travel photos from other members of Tripwolf and in this tab you can also upload your own photos from your trips as well.You can use the gallery tab to browse photos about different places to contemplate your next trip.

The third tab is the traveler’s tab. This tab is a tab that features world travelers, and these people who are featured in this tab are avid world travelers who are considered as travel gurus and you can even ask them advice about travel to that particular country. You can also look at each individual’s profile and see where these people like to travel and what their interests and hobbies are and where they live. For example, you see Adena is one of the travelers rated by Tripwolf as a top traveler, you can see where she likes to travel. You can see that Adena lives in the United States, more accurately in the state of Vermont. You can also see that she has traveled to India, Florence, and other places and you can ask her online through the Tripwolf site questions about those destinations. This can be a big help for those who are traveling to a particular country for the first time and want to know crucial information about that country.

The fourth tab is the booking tab. This tab is the tab you want to go to when you are ready to book your trip. On this tab you will find that this is the place for your online hotel booking. Tripwolf will let you book hotels all over the world and even links up with Priceline to give you the best deals for your hotels. You will also find a search bar on this tab, in which you type in a city of the country you want to visit. For example, I want to go to Tbilisi. In the search bar I type in Tbilisi and the search bar will ask you, “Tbilisi, Georgia?” Then below the search bar where you type in your check in date and next to that a check out date. For example, if you want to go to Tbilisi from July 12, 2009 to August 1, 2009. After typing this information, then click on the check rates button. After clicking on the check rates button, you will find a large easy to see list of all the major hotels available in that city and the prices per night. For example, the query for hotels in Tbilisi found that the British House Hotel, located right in the center of Tbilisi costs $115 per night and its rating is also shown, this hotel is a three-star hotel. Other hotels are also featured the same way. You also have links to Priceline and Expedia if you can’t find what you are looking for on Tripwolf.

The fifth and the last tab is the blog tab. In this tab you can write your own blog and read the blogs about other travelers on the site.

Another example of Tripwolf designed for the world traveler, the site can also be translated into French, German, Italian, and Spanish, since not all world travelers are Americans, since Europeans travel as well.

Tripwolf is a privately owned corporation that is based in Vienna, Austria and was founded in 2007. The management team of Tripwolf consists of two people and they are Sebastian Heinzel, cofounder and CEO and Alexander Trieb, cofounder and COO.

Tripwolf’s investors are i5invest, Mair Dumant, and Dieter Von Holtzenbrinck.

i5invest is a vc firm that mainly supports seed stage internet-based startups and is run by a group of veteran entrepreneurs who know the riggers of starting a new company. i5invest is based in Vienna, Austria, but the vc firm will invest in Europe and North America and has offices in Vienna, New York, and Silicon Valley. Some companies in i5invest’s portfolio include 123people, Email Charity, Virtual World Papermint, Xandex, and others.

Mair Dumant is a media company that is based in Stuttgart, Germany and also supports new startup companies, which it sees as a potential asset to Mair Dumant.

For more information about Tripwolf, click here.


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