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June 5, 2009

GameGround is Breaking Ground Among the Gaming Social Networks

Filed under: Start-up Companies Reviews — admin @ 1:49 am

Based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and founded in 2007, GameGround is a new gaming social network that is still not open to the public and is currently undergoing private beta testing. The founders of GameGround believe that gaming is not just a mere past time or a fun thing to do, but rather it runs in our blood and that playing games are more than an innocent diversion. Basically, GameGround is a gaming website that is capable to change the playing platform of your favorite video games. Once GameGround becomes open to the public, the way GameGround will work is with a sophisticated platform that will allow you to personalize your games. This personalized game command center is very user friendly and can allow you to personalize all aspects of your gaming experience. From the counsel that GameGround will provide, you will be able to view and manipulate new unknown data from the game you like to play and it won’t even matter where on the internet you are playing this game and with whom you are playing. There is even an invitation from the team at GameGround for private beta testers. GameGround is also building special agents for both Mac and PC systems that can help you personalize your games.

The team at GameGround is made up with some very interesting people. One of the cofounders is Shaul Olmert and he is also the son of former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. The second cofounder of GameGround is Itzak Ben-Bassat, who is the brains behind the unique gaming platform of GameGround. Itzak Ben-Bassat is the “man with the games,” according to Israel’s business newspaper, the Marker. The third cofounder of GameGround is Guy Margolin, who previously worked as the COO and Vice President of Casava and has all kinds of experience in creating new international startups. Guy Margolin is a very big asset to GameGround because one of his specialties is online gaming. Mr. Margolin also has experience in e-paying, risk management, and CRM Center. Mr. Margolin worked at GameRing, which is another online gaming website and graduated from the Interdisciplinary Center with distinction in 1999.

GameGround employs 17 people and its sole investor so far is Sequoia Capital, which invested $4.1 million in series A funding on June 3 of this year. GameGround also received an initial seed investment from an Angel investor of $2 million.

Sequoia Capital is a vc firm that was founded in 1972 by Don Valentine, who is a venture capitalist that focuses on the semiconductor and software industries. Mr. Valentine was also one of the original investors of Apple, Atari, Sisco Systems, and other major tech companies that are now household name. After founding Sequoia Capital, Don Valentine continued with his investments at the vc firm and some companies in Sequoia’s portfolio include Google, Yahoo, Paypal, Youtube, LogLogic, TokBox, AdMob, and others.

For more information about GameGround, click here.


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