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June 4, 2009

Need to Track Something or Anything? Claims to Do Just That

Filed under: Start-up Companies Reviews — admin @ 3:10 am

There are many new startup companies who have websites on the internet and all offer different kinds of services for different industries. Believe it or not, there is even a startup that allows you to track anything on the net. Meet, which is currently conducting public beta testing. Based in Sunnyville, California, allows you to track practically anything on the internet and will even personalize your own information on the internet and you can track anything from crime in your own neighborhood to sports, finance, events, and much more. How does this work? Simple! You simply register on the website and respond to their confirmation email and you’re in. After you registered onto the website, you need to choose from the many choices in your inbox. Suppose you want to track the crime in your neighborhood. Simply click on the police badge icon on the list of categories on the right-hand side of your inbox. When you are new to the site, and you click on this category, you will see that you have no alerts on that page and you will be prompted to click on a hyperlink that reads “add some tracklets.” Once you have clicked on that hyperlink, you will get three options: your first option allows you to track crime in your neighborhood, your second option allows you to track registered sex offenders in your neighborhood, and your third option allows you to track crime in major cities. Suppose you don’t want to track crime in general, but only in your own neighborhood, click on the first option and you will get a dialogue box that prompts you to type in your state, city, and street address. The dialogue box will also ask you how many miles from your address you want to track the crime with the selection of the distance with the maximum distance being 5 miles. However, you can also select the Select Distance option in that menu and type in your preferred distance. You can also check a box next to all the categories of crimes you want to track or you can select only a few categories. This dialogue box also allows you to check the option of receiving the tracked information to your own email if you wish to do so. You can also view a preview of your tracklet by clicking on the preview button on the bottom of the dialogue box. The preview will show you how the tracklet will look like and also give you the amount of crime that has occurred in your area in the past seven days. The only problem is that sometimes data may not be available for some areas.

Suppose you are a young lady living alone or have children and would like to know whether there are registered sex offenders living in your area, then the second option is for you, since it allows you to track registered sex offenders, specifying the crime that you want to track. Click on the add button in this option, and you will get a dialogue box that prompts you to select your state, city, and street address and you can have this information sent right to your email if you wish to do so. Click on the add tracklet button to have this category added to your inbox on the website. If you have a sex offender living near you, it will find it for you.

Suppose you want to find crime in your nearest major city. Well, click on the third option. First click on the state that the nearest major city near you are in, for example, if you live near Chicago, you would select Illinois, then select Chicago as the city. You can check boxes next to the types of crimes you want to track. You can track arrests, vandalism, assaults, thefts, etc. These tracklets will all appear in your inbox. Now you want to see results of these tracklets. You can also go to your inbox and it will show you what you are tracking, from local news, crime, etc.

Suppose you’re not interested in crime and want to track something else. Well, that’s no problem, simply look at the list of categories you want to track on the right side of your inbox. You can also view the Tracklet Catalogue which shows all the categories available. Say you are an avid traveler and you want to find the lowest airfares possible. Well, there is also a tracklet for that. Simply add the low airfares tracklet to your list of tracklets in your account. Like with crime, simply click on the add button and a dialogue box will appear prompting you to type in your target fair, the city of your departure and the city of your arrival. Suppose you want to fly from Chicago to Moscow or Tbilisi, for example. Simply type Chicago from the departure slot. As you type Chicago a drop menu will appear with three choices, Chicago/All Airports, Chicago Midway, and Chicago O’Hare. Since the flight to Tbilisi would be an international flight, so you would click on O’Hare, since it is Chicago’s international airport. You can also select stops or opt for a nonstop flight. Flights to Tbilisi from Chicago are not nonstop. For this desination you would need to fly either through Munich, Vienna, or Istanbul. Click on any stop from this menu. You can select your departure time from several years to the upcoming weekend. The last menu prompts you to select the month you want to leave. The information will come to your subscription as the information has been tracked and found. was founded by Pavan Nigam, who is also the CEO of the company. Mr. Nigam is an entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley and also founded other companies as well. Mr. Nigam was also the CEO of Cendura Corporation, which he helped found in 2002, and was instrumental to Sendura’s growth to a market leader in the data processing industry and turning the company into one of the Fortune 2000 companies.’s main investor is NEA (New Enterprise Associates), which is a global vc firm that is based in the United States and has offices in India and China. NEA believes that its team of partners build companies from the ground up and provides assistance to its portfolio companies through all the stages in the company’s life. NEA has been around for over 30 years and mainly invests in the healthcare, IT, and energy technology industries. Some companies in NEA’s portfolio include ArcSight, TechForward, Xen Source, Career Builder, Glu, Loopt, Realtime Worlds, and others.

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