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June 4, 2009

Israeli Media and Content Leader, the Box Receives an Investment of Several Million Dollars from Greylock Partners

Filed under: Venture Capital News — admin @ 7:46 am

Based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, the Box, a leading creative media and content website announced that Greylock Partners invested several million dollars in the company to fund the propulsion of global expansion of its creative media content.

Founded in 2003, the Box is a company that creates persuasive advertising with a unique platform. It uses a unique entertainment platform that would seamlessly integrate broadcast entertainment and advertising together. This platform works by integrating all kinds of media together, such as television, internet, and mobile into what has become to be known as “advertainment.” The Box has two divisions that runs its operations from. One is the original content division and the other is the advertising content. The company uses these two divisions to integrate the television broadcast programming together with the advertising and integrate these three media into one single package set to make it all seamless integration with each other. The Box has the clientele to prove that its product is truely innovative and works by having big names, such as Disney, Nike, Orange, Converse, and Doritos.

Besides the above mentioned uses, the proceeds of the funding will also go to finance the Box’s opening of its US offices in Los Angeles. The Box will also use this funding to ramp up its business in London and Paris, along with hiring new staff.

What is generating the Box’s growth? The Box has recently launched a 30 minute animated program, known as “CelebZ,” which is very unique in that users cannot only watch this animated program, which is slated for prime time viewing, but also add or change the content of this show. The viewers can use a platform developed by the Box that actually is a companion website which allows viewers to add characters, scripts, and backgrounds and create a whole new skit. This innovative platform taps into the creative potential of the viewing masses, making for an interesting show every time it airs. The show, however, is not completely changeable. Viewers can only change 25% of the content.

As part of the agreement of the funding, Greylock Partners’ partner of their Israel Fund, Moshe Mor will join the Box’s board of directors. Moshe Mor’s main domain is investments in the software, mobile, and e-commerce industries. Mr. Mor launched the Israel Fund of Greylock Partners in 2002, which is a fund that strictly focuses on Israeli startups who strive to be large global companies. Some of the companies that Moshe Mor has invested in are ClearForest, acquired by Reuters; Faircast, acquired by Microsoft; etc.

Greylock Partners was founded in 1965 and is one of the world’s largest vc firm with offices in San Mateo, California, Boston and Massachusetts in the United States, and globally, Greylock Partners has offices in Israel and India. For over forty years, Greylock Partners has invested in many major companies, such as Facebook. Other companies in Greylock’s portfolio include AeroScout, Apptio, PLYmedia, Avio, Bounty Jobs, EnStorage, SouthernEdison, and others.

For more information about the Box, click here.


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