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May 26, 2009

VC Firm, Focus Ventures Leads $8.8 Million in Extended Series D Funding for LogLogic

Filed under: Venture Capital News — admin @ 6:56 am

Based in San Jose, California, LogLogic, a leading company that offers log, compliance, and security management solutions, announced that it had received an extension of its series D funding that was led by Focus Ventures. Other investors participating in this funding also include Sequoia Capital, Telesoft Partners, World View Technology Partners, INVESCO Private Capital, and SAP Ventures.

The solutions that LogLogic develops are designed to improve and enhance accountability for all sorts of businesses, companies, and organizations, whether small or large. The log management platform that LogLogic has is unique in that it allows LogLogic’s clients to collect, search and store the complete log of IT data for a comprehensive view of past and current activity in any given organization.

Because LogLogic’s product is so unique and effective in managing IT logs for all kinds of businesses and organizations, the company is growing at a rapid pace. Many businesses have started to use LogLogic’s IT log platform, because of easy use and the ability of this platform to capture data logs from a log in real time. Because of this, LogLogic has almost doubled its customer base in 2008 and as of early 2009, the company added another 1,000 customers after acquiring Exaprotect.

According to Mike Goguen, Managing Partner at Sequoia Capital, LogLogic has shown great traction and its market performance is well above par. LogLogic has an aggressive vision for innovating leading log management solutions that effectively meet the needs of the companies which have a growing need to manage their IT logs and monitor all activity for records and security reasons. Furthermore, the fact that LogLogics has a good portfolio of Fortune 500 companies as its clients is a testament to the amazing success that LogLogics is having.

According to Pat Sueltz, CEO of LogLogics, as the company builds over the record growth it experienced in 2008, LogLogics is also expanding at a rather quick rate to bring to market a wide range of different products and services for its clients to aid in keeping track of their IT logs and keep them secure.

Focus Ventures is a vc firm that mainly provides expansion stage companies in the tech industry. Focus searches for those companies that have already finished the initial development stage of their product or service and have been accepted in their respective markets and are ready to make strategic acquisitions. Some companies in Focus’s portfolio include Acta, Active Software, Agile, Aruba Networks, Black Duck, Broad Base, and others.

Sequoia Capital is a global vc firm with offices in the United States, China, India, and Israel, and invests in companies in those countries. Sequoia invests in all stages of a company’s life from seed to public trading. Sequoia Capital’s team of partners is compiled of some of the major entrepreneurs of recent times. Some of these entrepreneurs who are partners at Sequoia include Steve Jobs, Apple; Larry Ellison, Oracle; Bob Swanson, Linear Security; and others.

For more information on LogLogics, click here.


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