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May 26, 2009

SuperWave Fusion to Revolutionize Nuclear Power

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Energetics Technologies is an energy company based in Omer, Israel, which in 2001 began work on a project, known as SuperWave Fusion, which is a system of creating energy based on Dr. Irving Dardik’s theory on super waves – a low energy nuclear reaction. After years of research, Energetics Technologies has worked on this technology and now has a groundbreaking proprietary technology. How does this work? Well, the process itself is quite complex. SuperWave Fusion is a process that produces excess heat by the interaction of palladium and Deuterium. The process begins with a signal, such as an electrical signal and it is delivered as an electrical current in a special module that contains the palladium cathode.

Because this technology is unique to Energetics Technologies, the company does plan to commercialize it. The potential for this energy source to even outweigh oil is so great, that the market potential for SuperWave Fusion looks positive for Energetics Technologies. Furthermore, the fact that SuperWave Fusion is the ultimate in clean technology secures its market potential even more.

Energetics Technologies’ management team has six people, who are experienced in both sciences and in economics and marketing. The people on the team include Dr. Irving Dardik, MD., the company’s CVO and cofounder; Prof. Herman Branover, Phd, DSc, cofounder and chief scientist; Allison Godfrey, CEO and cofounder; Shaul Lesin, PhD, cofounder and General Manager; Arik El-Boher, PhD, Deputy General Director; and Tanya Zilov, Electrochemical Researcher.

Dr. Irving Dardik is an amazing individual who first started his career as a cardiovascular surgeon in New York, and also founded and worked on the US Olympic Committee’s Sports Medical Council. He is also an award-winning amateur sprinter. It was his idea behind the SuperWave Fusion technology with 40 years of experience studying the wave nature of energy. Furthermore, Dr. Dadrik is also the sole proprietor of the SuperWave Fusion technology. Out of the three cofounders of Energetics Technologies, Dr. Dadrik was the principal role player in the founding of the company and the development and commercialization of the SuperWave Fusion technology.

Prof. Herman Branover is known worldwide as an expert in magnetohydrodynamics and has extensive experience in research of both theoretical and experimental hydrodynamics, turbulence, and power generation. His education background is also very extensive with a PhD in Technical Sciences from the Moscow Aviation Institute and a DSc in Physical and Mathematical Sciences from the Leningrad Polytechnical Institute. During the 1970s he worked as a scientist in the Soviet Union, receiving a title of Full Professor from the Ministry of Higher Education of the Soviet Union. He later came to the United States and became an associate professor at New York University. Mr. Branover has over 25 patents, wrote seven books and has published over 250 scientific publications.

Allison Godfrey is the business force of Energetics Technologies with over 30 years of experience in marketing and business development. Some of the companies that Ms. Godfrey has worked for before coming to Energetics Technologies, include Johnson&Johnson and MESCO. Ms. Godfrey has also launched many successful startups in her career.

Dr. Shaul Lesin has over 30 years of experience working with some leading technology groups. Dr. Lesin is also a specialist in advance technology development, energy research, metallurgy, and thermodynamic systems.

Arik El-Boher is one of the key inventors of the SuperWave Fusion program and is a well-known leader in the energy and MHD sectors. Dr. El-Boher has also worked as the Managing Director at Ofakim and has also founded several hi-tech startups. Dr. El-Boher holds eight patents and has written over 70 papers about energy technologies.

Tanya Zilov holds an MA in Electrochemistry from the Mendeyev Technology Institute of Moscow and came to Energetics Technologies to work as the electrochemical researcher. Before joining the company in 2001, Ms. Zilov has worked in several Israeli high-tech companies, where she helped develop conductive polymers.

On April 19, 2009, Energetics Technologies was featured on CBS’s “60 Minutes” as a leading company that has developed revolutionary nuclear energy by using the cold fusion process.

In November 25, 2008, Dr. Irving Dardik was awarded the prestigious Preparata Award in Washington, DC for his research on low energy nuclear reaction.

The company’s investors are not disclosed to the public.

For more information on Energetics Technologies, click here.


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